Do you believe there is an after life

    Does anybody ever think that they have been here before, and do you believe in after life

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    Absolutely. Our Christian bible relates the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the most, and best documented death in history, yet only days later He was seen and addressed over 400 people. The same people that witnessed his death. Now some modern day pseudo intellectuals will tell you it's all a fairy tale and never happened. That pride, and self serving idiocy, will spell eternal doom for these people, who will then say, "Gee, we never knew, no one told us!"
    I just forget that argument. When we die it doesn't matter how many are in the room with us, we still die alone, and we step off into an eternity of our choosing. We are only given two choices,...choose wisely.
    So I guess the answer to the question is YES, for sure, absolutely and with no doubt.

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