Misinterpretation in the artscroll

    M Dehaan
    Dear Sirs
    We are told that not one word of Torah is changeable but in the artscroll you use the word BASAR -meat- in place of SEH a lamb or a kid as stated
    Basar can also include fowl.
    This is very confusing to those learning Hebrew and Tannach
    We know that a lamb or a kid was eaten at Pesach time but you insist it was lamb which was never an Egyptian deity only the long horned goat. The kid is extremely important in our religion as Jacob received the birthright having used kid skin . Furthermore the goat took our sins into the desert and its hair was closest to the ark. I am sure you could point out many other points as to why kids and goats-not sheep or lambs are more important
    You are altering the truth and I hope you will correct future editions

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