Will I learn what I need to learn?

    I pray a lot and still cannot seem to get the answer I need in how to overcome being rejected all my life. I know this answer comes from God because I know in his word he never rejects me. I am a good person, it is just the pain runs so deep....

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    Thank you for your caring and wanting to help I wish you could......


    whatashame whatasham

    Darci13, I am very concerned about you. I am someone who at one time, would not open my eyes for two months. I know what depression can do to a person if you don't get help. I do have answers if you want to listen, real answers, what to do to stop this vicious cycle. Please don't do anything to yourself. You have your helper inside, I'll tell you what to ask for exactly were you will see results, I promise you. Just ask me a question and I will have the answer for you. Somehow I would have to give you my address so you could write me.

    whatashame whatasham

    Darci13, the first thing you must do is LOVE yourself. Put yourself first for a change. Forget what ever happened in the past to make you feel about yourself right now. I can help you with this, because the power you need right now is within you. You may heard this before and say "I already tryed that, nothing." I can put you on the right track with results. You must FORGIVE yourself. How? I'll tell you how. Real answers, real results. I am someone who stayed in bed for 9 months and never got out. You have been exposed to so much negativity that you hate yourself, enough to end it all. Don't!

    whatashame whatasham

    Darci13 or anybody else for that matter, ask and I will direct you to loving yourself. Love concords all.

    whatashame whatasham

    Darci13, I just read alot of the comments and they speek the truth but some are hard to understand and some don't give step to step instructions, how to follow what they wrote, so you read them and say,that's nice, yeh, so I've been told. Most don't know how to pray proper, I can help you with that. Look Darci, no more 13 to start, OK, change your name to "I love Darci7". Nothing is easy, but you need to start anyway you can to love and forgive yourself. Start now!!! Say it, I LOVE Myself, I forgive myself, don't ask, tell yourself this. It's true. Alot of people love and care about you.

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    Thank you everyone......


    Gave you a t.u. for wearing your heart on your sleeve. All in good time Darci, hope you will always try to look on the bright side of things. Through the valleys in life we become stronger from climbing up the mountain. Things look much prettier from up there, just keep focused on the good stuff.

    All your true answers are found within you. The world and the body is the school room of the soul. Though all suffer who enter here! For even good men suffer, but they do not suffer the viciousness of evil men. Therefore this is a place of learning and testing whether one likes it or not, all necessary lesson will come. Seek only the, see only the good in spite of the chaos, and you will ever have a guiding Light.


    Thank you Gabalis I wish you were my friend. Thank you for the encouragement that I so needed. Thank you.


    . . . Seek only the Good, see . . .


    Darci- We are indeed One in the Higher Mind Divine, seekers upon the same path, my foodprints may be just before you on that path, and there are others, whose footprints are before me. We are friends already in this. Raindrops seeking the greater Ocean of the Father/Mother God. The Ocean of the Divine and Everlasting. :)


    Darci . . . In the understanding in the knowing apply, live an impersonal life, not indifferent, but impersonal. That is taking nothing personal, realizing that is just ignorance going on, have pity and forgive it. This will free you from hurt and it will lift you into the Heights. It is hard sometimes, as we oft wish to lash out, but that only feeds into that which "possesses" the offending party.


    For the like is always attracted unto its like, that is natural law. The offending party just doesn't know any better, if they did they wouldn't do it. They are suffering already burning in the possession, in the emotional fires of their own making. The ignorance of the world is great, but so is the Light of Love greater, forgiveness is the first great power of Love. Be good, that you may see the good, Peace resides in it and Peace is the Worldly Essence (Body) the very Presence of God.

    This is simply the problem, there is no virtue in asking for help when you have not the humility to learn. the fact is true, you have to be a little smart to gain insight, and awareness.. being smart is just the next step. Many choose not to be, by leaning far too much on external forces, and not being virtuous.

    I don't mean this to harm you.. you say you've been rejected all of your life. I don't have all of the answers because I don't know you, but it's the same for everyone.. some are rejected because of how they look, they seem awkward, and you react to this judgment and believe in it. If you believe in God then you must believe that your physical appearance to others doesn't matter.. my belief is that you don't truly believe in your own spirit, and so you rely on the opinion of others, rather than trusting in yourself.. don't be conditioned to acknowledge others' opinions.. there is no hope in it. You must learn to trust yourself.. I too am a sensitive person. There are many reasons for this.. chakras unbalanced. Quick tip, for an energy balance you must focus less on your mind and more on your overall connection from tail bone to head, focusing more on the middle region. Energy is stored in your sex chakra, your loin area.. this may or may not help, but perhaps one day you will see what I mean. You have a hard lesson to learn as I have, so learn it!

    Quick meditation technique. Breath in and out deeply; on the way in say 'I' in your head, and say 'am' on the way out.. The I AM chakra is your solar plexus, center of your body.. this will help to center you. Your solar plexus chakra is very important, as they all are.. the lower chakras are highly responsive to nourishment, and healthy diet. I hope you can help yourself with this. If not, I tried.

    Maybe God is trying to tell you things but you arnt listening. I know that it is difficult to wait for things that we pray for but everything happens in God's time....not ours.


    God's time is definitely our most precious time, as it is his gift to us, to seek him, not sit along that holy path and do nothing. He has given man a mind that trandscends that of the animals, including our animal bodies and its natrual instincts. This with the gift of Freewill, which is the power of spirit given to create our own lives, and the joy in the seeking of Him, within. By this do we find the Truth of our Divinity, Life itself.

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