can you receive social security and disability benefit together

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    You cannot collect RSDI and SS at the same time. Typically the RSDI will be more, and the SSA will advise you to keep collecting on that. If you are talking about job loss disability, you are supposed to report it to the SSA, and then that amount will be deducted from your RSDI.

    the question said SOCIAL SECURITY AND DISABILITY BENEFITS. My answer referred to those. SSA AND WORKMAN'S COMP ARE DIFFERENT. I collect Social Security benefits, my retirement check and when I was hospitalized from heart attack I received disability check because AT THE TIME I WAS WORKING PART-TIME. My answer is correct.
    yes, but only if you ARE working WHILE YOU ARE COLLECTING SS. Example: you took a part-time job and had surgery or broke an arm, etc. which prevented you from working. I have collected disability benefits three times. AND THEY ARE NOT TAXABLE. If it's job-related, then you pay taxes because it comes under different rules. workmans compensation
    Not sure but I don't think so..

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