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    Will I Matter, Will I Matter At All?

    Hated and scorned and rejected by all,
    Will I matter, will I matter at all?

    Stone after stone, hurled at me daily,
    Seeking my flesh to tear greatly,
    Will I matter, will I matter at all?

    No matter I have sinned and sinned greatly,
    What have you done that is more stately,
    You seek to tear, kill and destroy me,
    No matter who you are and what you are to be,
    Will I matter, will I matter at all?

    After the last pound of flesh you have extracted,
    After you have pummeled, trashed and exacted,
    Will I matter, will I matter at all?

    When you at last you have won the war,
    And put me in the grave of death and pallor,
    Will I matter, will I matter at all?

    What gain, what pleasure do you now possess?
    Will I matter, will I matter at all?

    Or will you go on your next victim to destroy?
    Will I matter, will I matter at all?

    Darci - 11/21/2010

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    Thank you Mat and I know that you know that when in the midst of heartache pain and troubles it is very hard to see and remember that, but remember that I must. Thanks. Darci


    Darci13 - I like your poem, interesting!!! I found a poem similar to yours, check it out.

    BTW, What is this "war in words" between you and Angie?



    <a href="/users/363/darci13/">@Darci13</a> - Just wanted you to know someone else was thinking on the same lines you were thinking. Let me know you seem it, so I can delete it!!!


    Quite taken with your words.

    Let me add, that in the eyes of God, you will most definitly matter. In fact, you matter a great deal to God as we speak.

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    Real heavy references in your poem...hope you don't feel so depressed..hopefually you are just trying to make a point or perhaps you want to hear how the rest of us feel concerning this particulat's very dark is all I am gonna' say and I trust this is not your personality coming forth!


    No not my personality, but I am going through some really hard and bad times in my life is why I wrote it. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Thanks.

    I love it.. It spunds like some I have written. I wrote them in depression and throw them out to recover. I wish I had them. Keep them...

    Very good give it A+

    AAA+++ but I think you seem sad about something

    Yes darci depends on the mood we are trying to set here, does come across a touch on the depressing side of the coin, perhaps we could rewrite this and jazz it up with a little happy juice, and start it something like this: Will I matter, will I matter, yes! I will, loved and praised a friend to all, will I matter,yes I will etc,etc, I think you get the drift cheers and have a great day

    on a one to ten scale i'll give it a 100


    sounds like simon cowell on american idol


    Reminds me of the poems in the Bible by Solomon, I think. Everything is useless under the sun, type stuff. I have to give you a B plus, sorry I may have a different grading scale than the rest, I thought it was very cool. Good job, I liked it. okay, okay I'll give you an A.

    My best----Randy:

    Up in the morning,
    try to stand,
    Feet are in pain,
    give me a hand,

    Now I bow my head,
    and thank GOD,
    for the feet I have,
    and the strength to trod,

    WE all get old,
    and pain is not odd,
    but as long as I live,
    I’ll stand for GOD.

    Every time I have a pain,
    i stop and pray,
    Lord give me the strength,
    for another day,

    Because those that are lost,
    still need my prayer,
    for all my family,
    and those that are not heirs,




    That is truly a good awe inspiring poem. I love it wish I could live it right now.......Darci

    Headless Man


    I think it's sad but it did make me think. Hope it's not you but you know who you matter to. What is a good rating. A+++


    NO think that would be awesome......

    Headless Man

    Do you care if someone else put up a poem to rate?

    Today is a very very extrememly hard day for me ..........

    i thought this poem was very good written darci, it's very deep and sad, well i guess that's reality for all of us, hope your doing well, good luck with whatever you want to do in the future, and remember we all got you backed up if you need anything, :]


    Awww if only you were here in person to sit across a table maybe with a cup of coffee or coke and talk about life.......if only.....thanks......Darci

    I thought it was great.


    Thank you bigben. I appreciate it.

    Edgar Allan Poe would be proud. Very Enlightening, I give it a Double Plus Good A++.


    Thank you for the A++

    It is not so much a "poem" as a dirge, a spontaneous expression of personal darkness, and one, we hope, that helped eradicate the negativity from your brooding spirit.


    by Michael Josephson
    used with permission of the author

    Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end.

    There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days.
    All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten
    will pass to someone else.

    Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance.
    It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed.
    Your grudges, resentments, frustrations
    and jealousies will finally disappear.
    So too, your hopes, ambitions, plans and to-do lists will expire.
    The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away.

    It won't matter where you came from
    or what side of the tracks you lived on at the end.
    It won't matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant.
    Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant.

    So what will matter?
    How will the value of your days be measured?

    What will matter is not what you bought
    but what you built, not what you got but what you gave.

    What will matter is not your success
    but your significance.

    What will matter is not what you learned
    but what you taught.

    What will matter is every act of integrity,
    compassion, courage, or sacrifice
    that enriched, empowered or encouraged others
    to emulate your example.

    What will matter is not your competence
    but your character.

    What will matter is not how many people you knew,
    but how many will feel a lasting loss when your gone.

    What will matter is not your memories
    but the memories that live in those who loved you.

    What will matter is how long you will be remembered,
    by whom and for what.

    Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident.
    It's not a matter of circumstance but of choice.

    Choose to live a life that matters.


    one poem at a time here ,start your own post just kiding


    this is the one that got away!!! very good! oxoxoxxoox

    As a poem writer myself for 23 years, I thought it was good,very intense but it had a lot of real substance,I enjoyed it.It was straight from the gut.Good work!A+ :)


    I have just a few more poems maybe I will share they are written from the heart be it a torn drug through the trashpile heap heart it still comes from the heart and hurt and pain. But even at that I was hoping some would see that it had meaning. thank you. Darci


    Sure,I will have to put something up to.


    wow, your a poem writer!!! can i read your work please , i'd love to :)

    Great job, though I hope this is not how you feel in real life.

    Chaulk, how old are you and how can you even possibly begin to know if sharing doesn't help the author?

    I am curious to know why you posted this as an answer and not as a direct comment. No criticism intended.

    You want me to remember why I did something 7 months ago? What the heck does it matter? Have you seen this to be a habit of mine?

    Sure, no criticism taken.

    You know we have a thousand unanswered questions, right? Why are you in 7 month old questions? No criticism intended, just really curious about patrollers and what they are thinking when they target comments from months and months and months ago. *shrugs*
    Sorry I even sent it.
    I wrote a poem once about a cloud. I was feeling relly down and it helped me to write it out. it was mostly to remind me not to take the cloud too serious because the sun would eventually shine through again! It is sometimes hard to see it that way, but it did help to write! Hope that since it has been a few days since this was posted and since the poem was written that you are feeling better!

    Ur a sweetheart!:)

    Sorry for your pain, but, it doesn't really help to share it.

    thanks for the thought anyway

    Darc13,I wish you well,you sound depressed.Perhaps you have someone
    to counsel with.We have today,tomorrow and yesterday has passed,forgive
    yourself and forget it.
    Good luck,this is how I interpret your poem but I do like.

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