I want to patch things up with my ex - pls help!

    Me and my ex went through world war 3 but theres been a long cooling off period.
    I want to break the ice and hopefully make peace with her and hopefully go from there.

    Any suggestions?

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    Yes. Go for it. Word of wisdom, pray first.

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    Well have you tried asking her out on a date and not making moves on her?

    I dont know her.. I am the kind of girl that is into games or gimmicks. Just Tell her what you want.



    Give her a really long hug and then take her to dinner

    your better off with out her, move on, stop being a baby, women want men, when she see's you moving on she'll crawl back like the dog she is.


    so true so true

    Ms Sinclair

    Why are you calling her a dog? You don't know what their situation was or what they were arguing about. I almost hate to say it but she may have a perfectly legitimate reason for not wanting to talk to him ever again. Sometimes it's wiser to learn from our mistakes and just move on.

    Not to be a pessimist but there is usually a really good reason why an "EX" is an "EX". :-))

    are you a man or mouse? just teasing. now you seem even sweeter! before you call her back this time you should now something... the "pregnant pause" is a tool that many people like to use. it's a way of making the other person uncomfortable. now with that said by chance is your ex bitchie? sounds like she has a chip on her shoulder to not help you out and let you suffer like that, minutes from the outside but from your point that pause took years. not nice. if she is not what i am describing then just call her beck. we girls like men to fall over themseleve to get to us. LOL!!! however if she EVEN remotely has the above charactic's take a piece of paper and make two rows. one row on all her bad ACTIONS
    and one for good actions. DONT put her name on it. Remember things she SAID dont count ONLY HER ACTIONS. Now put that paper away and come back to it after 3 hours or more. before you look at that sheet ask yourself out loud(no one will hear), "does this paper describe a person I would want as a friend. Now look at it. everybody has good and bad buts how much they have of each that will show you the way. If you don't respect yourself how do you expect your partner too. if she is passive aggressive in any way RUN RUN RUN if she is selfish RUN RUN RUN if she is not giving of her time without making you pay RUN RUN RUN. Good Luck Mate. PS American girls loooove aussie accents no matter what you look like. It's all in the charm but never be a creep. Good Luck lover boy

    As a woman follow these steps and you might get her back. If this dosn't work your relationship is over for her. Ask to meet her at a park or even go for a walk so you don't feel as much on the spot. Start by telling her you cant stop thinking about her.{we love this} Then OWN up to your part of your world war three by being humble and by using only I statements. {never put her on the defense by throwing out words like you and but. If you use those words as soon as they come out of your mouth the fight is on and you loose.} Ok, once you OWN up and apologize in the most sincere way, you make a statement saying how you are working on blah blah blah and you now know having a relationship with her is whats important to you. {FYI look her in the left eye which connects to the emotional part of your brain} Go in prepared by wearing her favorite cologne and wear a colored shirt that brings out your eye color. Eyes are the window to the soul.To get you in the mood play upbeat music on the way to see her. Confidence is very sexy! If you follow my advise she should melt like butter in your hands. If she doesn't move on. She has. FYI-- NEVER TELL HER WHERE YOU GOT THE IDEA OR ALL YOUR BROWNIE POINTS JUST WENT OUT THE DOOR! Good Luck!**

    So I called her last night and said hey how r u then she paused for a few seconds and said 'Oh god' and hung up.

    So this will be more challening than i think lol.

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