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    My ex refused to pay child support for his 3 children. The children are now adults and are university and college educated. All make decent incomes. Payments through the Family Responsibility office is now sending monthly payments paid by my ex and it is now 26 years later. My question is should the adult children get the support payments?

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    Our state takes child support out of Income Tax.And he should pay until 18 years of age.


    until there out of college

    thank you for your thoughtful comment. Two of my children believe that I should enjoy it because I struggled as a single parent and had to split a penny four ways. I managed to have the childrens needs met. The last adult child and the youngest (now 31 y.o.) believes it should be split between the 3 children. She has secured a lawyer and is planning on suing me. I have been very generous with all of the children and this youngest adult child has received more than the 1/3 this year. She felt that my generosity was a gift and has nothing to do with the child support. I am interested in any thoughts anyone may have.


    Wow I hope your own child doesn't sue you, maybe you could get some legal advice from a trusted or recommended lawyer. I used to send my parents money when I had extra, I thought family takes care of family. Maybe you should leave it up to each individual child and if the one that is unhappy wants the money, you should give it to him or her. I wouldn't want to go to court with family. Good luck and God bless.

    My birth father left when I was 5 years old never paid child support and I doubt that he could have afforded it as a mostly unemployed welder. When I turned 18 he called my mom to see if she would go after him legally. She just let it go,sadly to this day we don't have much of a relationship. But my Mom taught me a valuable lesson about forgiveness. Maybe ask your children what they think you should do? I think it would be great to forgive and forget.

    Why can't you split it with them? I don't see why it has to be one way or the other. =] much love

    you took up the slack. you payed for what that money would have. this should be call back payed. which mean (i believe) it's a pay back for what you pay that the money should have. it's yours. put it in an account until you have it mediated. do seek council. you can call the agency with a "general" question.

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