do I Have aids?

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    You can only know for sure by getting tested.

    How to get a free AIDS test

    There are clinics and health departments that offer free AIDS tests almost everywhere in the U.S. To find one near you, go to and simply enter your zip code.

    When you locate a clinic or health department near you that offers a free AIDS test, telephone them to make sure they are still offering free tests and to find out when they are offered.

    At many clinics and health departments, you can be tested anonymously. You never have to give your name, they just assign you a patient number. If this is important to you, ask when you call whether or not you can be tested anonymously.

    You don't have to do anything special to prepare for your free AIDS test. You don't need to fast before having your blood drawn or anything like that. Just show up on time for your test.

    Or if you prefer to remain anonymous

    $15 HIV Home Test

    Get personal and private results in less than 3 min. Free Shipping

    Read more: How to Get Free AIDS Test |

    i wasnt sure if it was a proper question but ur answer covered the topic A to Z

    I wasn't sure if he was serious or not either so I answered for others who might have been curious but are/were too shy to ask ; )
    WTF how the hell would anyone know if u did or didnt? thats like asking how old am i or what nationality am i. If u think this is a fortune telling site then ur wrong. For ur sake and others i hope u dont have aids.

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