1997 Chevy Blazer-Our a/c is only blowing from the defrost and floor vents. We have put a new resistor on it and it still doesnt work right. And it doesnt blow at all on high! can you help?

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    Quite possible needs a new rotory switch,or connections from rotary switch need adjusting,

    It's so it sounds as if the new  resistor is rated for a higher load made of thicker material which that is why the power won't travel thru strong enough to turn on the upper end features which require full power.  Check to see if it's the same resistor the car calls for.  Call a dealership ... they'll tell you.  If you're replacing it... did it work when you bought the car?  If it did not then it wasn't the right resistor for the system. If it worked for while but not thousands and thousands of miles, once again, don't go off of what the last owner put in there.  If you cannot find the Manuel call your car's dealership or a mechanic you trust. Keep it cool. Do it quick as you'll start damaging redundant systems in you car and eventually the whole electrical system.



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