Is political correctness a 'murderer'?

    Do you think being politically correct all the time is good? I know that being polite is one thing, but to have to 'tip toe' around topics that are important just for the sake of being politically correct is not an honest way to live life. There are all kinds of topics that get 'soft' answers and that isn't good. Some of these topics are, Race, Questions about War, Raising children and lots of others.

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    political correctness gone mad,here in australia we are following in the u.k.'s footsteps as in the nursery rhyme baa baa black sheep, it is now baa baa rainbow sheep,it seems the powers to be, think its racist, the crazy thing is the majority of the sheep in england, where the rhyme originated have black faces and legs so god help me how can it be racist. young children do not know how to hate ,they are taught by adults.

    People today have lost their back bone they are not willing to stand up for what they know is right so they invent reasons to accept what is wrong.

    Political Correctness is going to be the demise of us all! Even those that are protected. This 'Feel Good' about myself is ruining our ability to succeed on ones own ability. There's nothing wrong with who you are, just let me be who I am without worrying about hurting your feelings. Why must we bring ourselves down to satisfy those that are weak, they need to bring themselves upto the level of those that they think are belittling them. Life is not fair, its human nature to compete, those that lose need to learn how to win.

    I have nothing against profiling, I am Italian, I can pass as middle eastern, if they want to pull me out of the line at the airports, fine, it'll make those around me feel better and makes me feel better that they are doing their job.

    School playground and gym sports where there is no score does not teach how to accept losing, there is no reason to try to be the best if they are going to give it to me, this goes for the workplace too. PC has got to go. We have given way to a bunch of complainers - They protest, we give 'em what they want. In better terms and exactly what it is.. Pouting children..

    No, I think that there are some issues that have to be dealt with in a direct and forthright manner and being politically correct just distorts the argument.

    Everyone is different! There are no two people alike on the face of the earth so the only thing that "political correctness" does is labels us, and files us away into categories. I refuse to label my friends as my "black" friends, or my "Jewish" friends, or my "middle class" friends. They are my friends regardless. Labeling does nothing but drive people apart. The ones who think that they are being kind by being "politically correct" are just patronizing the people they are talking about.

    When we accept the differences of others whether it is race, religion, gender, age, child rearing beliefs, anything...then there will be no need for being politically correct...just honesty!

    it's killing the English language not adding to it

    Political correctness has cost people jobs, licenses, and political bases. It also dilutes stereotypes to a grayness that would otherwise be a colorful world. It is a shame. I prefer bright colors to that of shades of Whiteness and Blackness.

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