Why do I smell smoke and there is no one smoking?

    When I breathe it smells like I'm in a smoke filled room. I'm not! But I smell cigarette smoke. I don't smoke and no one round me does either. It only happens when I am indoors or in an enclosed area. Could it be sinus problems?

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    some one is probel cooking something. or someone probely brunt something.
    cigg smoke 'fumes' stay inside pourous and even non pourous materials. If someone had previously smoked in a room, the smell lingers on ad infinitum in the rugs, carpets, walls, uppholstry, ceilings. I once knew a man who smoked so much that it actually tinted the tile in his bathroom so that when we washed the walls, all tile, it looked like blood pouring down the tile. This is the main reason hotels provide non-smoking rooms.
    Cigg smoke also lingers on clothing. Even if no one you know smokes they may have been around someone who does and it's on them , in their hair too. Gross, huh ? Stuff is total poison

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