Would it matter?

    If I died tonight would it really matter?

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    it would matter to the government...they wouldn't be getting your taxes

    Only to 22 people for a short time.

    Roger Willcoe

    I miss read, i thought it said if I died.
    If you died it would make the world a worse place.


    lol...funny...I bet there would be more than 22 people

    Not to me.


    thanks for being honest I figured as much.

    Yes, to your family, friends and love ones. As well as me b/c you have some funny and good answers.


    Thanks but you are probably the only one that thinks so by the way no family no I guess it does not really matter

    Apart from to family and real friends it won't matter.In fact it wont make the slightest bit of difference to anything at all.The sun will rise in the morning and the other 6 billion odd people on the planet will get on with their lives just the same.It'll matter to you and yours but beyond that it won't.

    Sorry that sounds real harsh n cruel but it goes for me n most other people out there ~ life goes on n the world keeps turning which i find quite comforting to be honest !!!!


    Well at least your honest that's about what I thought that it would not matter to no one.

    Hell no, the way things are now my family would have forgotten my name in a week, and I couldn't care less, I didn't ask to be here, nor to stay, I'm not afraid to die, sort of looking forward to it.Think it sounds a little morbid? Well who asked ya, tend to yourself.

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