poison ivy homestyle remedy???????????

    Would anybody happen to know of something I can use on poison ivy got it on me friday no stores around to get anything Sunday Any help would be appreciated greatly an nothing in the medicnen cabinet

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    Found this on the 'net

    Make a paste out of egg whites and corn starch ! Make it thick and spread it evenly over the affected area. Leave it on until it dries and cracks. It will pull every bit of the poison out and will just dry up and go away ! You may have to do this a couple of times but it really works.

    1 vote for hot water but then switch to cold water after: --To help the itch put it in hot water( as hot as you can stand) for like 5 mins and then switch right away to cold water! feels really good!

    Second vote for hot water but no cold water mentioned: Hot-hot-hot water helps the itching. Listerine seems to really keep the oozing and weeping to a minimum, and also helps the itching. Apply as often as needed.

    Boil some oatmeal and apply like a paste or oatmeal pack (I'm assuming while it's still hot enough but no so hot it will burn your skin)


    Thanks Colleen

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