what albert einsteins iq

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    Albert Einstein really was an Einstein. He had an IQ of 160, same as Stephen Hawking. That's quite a mind! And you can actually see what such a mind looks like: Pieces of Einstein’s brain went on display in 2011. [Other Great Minds]


    If you've ever wondered what the brain of a genius looks like, make your way to Philadelphia. There, the public can view for the first time 46 slivers of the brain of Albert Einstein, the theoretical physicist who developed the Theory of General Relativity.

    The brain is on display at Philadelphia's Mütter Museum and Historical Medical Library, in a whirlwind exhibit built in about nine working days, according to museum curator Anna Dhody. Visitors can view 45 of the brain slides as-is, and see one magnified under a lens.

    "He was a unique individual, and to have the organ that's most associated with intelligence of this great man is a wonderful opportunity," Dhody told Livescience. "What we're hoping to do is to showcase this and to really talk about the brain and the physiology."

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