to have green fingers

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       If a person is described as having green fingers, or a green thumb as goes the American version of the idiom, it means the described person has a talent for gardening or otherwise dealing with plants. She might have a knack for growing healthy flowers and other plants, or she might have a talent for reviving struggling plants. Such plants might be indoor or outdoor plants, in pots and baskets or sprawling gardens. The origin of these English sayings might stem from the association of the word “green,” which not only is the predominate color of most plants but also is a word connected to most of the natural and organic world. Similar to other sayings, this idiom can be meant as a compliment in its true meaning or insult when used ironically.

    Similar to other idiomatic expressions, “green fingers” has different versions depending on the location. For example, saying that someone who has a talent for gardening has green fingers is primarily an Australian and British version of the saying. In the United States, people tend to say those who are skilled with plant care have green thumbs. So, if a gardener in London or Sydney is especially talented, she has green fingers. Similarly, if a gardener in Dallas has a knack with growing gardens, she has a green thumb.

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