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    I'd like to have a non scientific survey How many members of this forum have at present a close family relative involved with drugs, i.e. heavy use or addiction at the present, just a simple yes or no I don't want any details just a yes or no. I want to compare votes with the number of viewas

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    "Regular recreational marijuana use"  2014

    3 years ago, when this question was asked, I would have basically answered "YES". 

    We are talking family members. I'm awfully straight-laced.

    Yup. Although I am not presently taking all of the drugs that I am addicted to, I do take drugs that enable me to function close to what most folk may consider as normal. 


    Me too, but they are Rx drugs. Maybe he's talking about illicit drugs .

    The illegal-non pharmaceuticals have all been replaced or are unavailable here. There are many Rx drugs that I diligently avoid and the illegal drugs available here that are to be avoided where-ever found, like addictive brain-killer...a years worth of fleeting lovely moments, gone in a few moments. Not worth my time.

    This is an old question and you haven’t been on for a while here but if you had then  you would know that I just lost a sister to alcohol.  It was nasty.


    It's going to be different for you this Christmas, isn't it, jh ?

    Sure is, thanks for noticing...

    YES no doubt if you consider alcohol a drug in which i do.


    No. , but I don't have much family . So far. ,my brother's kids and stepdaughter and her kids and her brother have stayed off of drugs and they're not alcoholics either.Ditto for my cousin's kids and their kids.


    Right now NO.  In the past YES.

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