Male to female ratio

    What state has the highest female to male ratio

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    I guess the men would like to know...Because that might be the state they plan on moving to!!!


    SSSHHH dont tell anybody sshhhh !!!!

    Yes I say that a while ago, that plastics when heated emit compounds that mimic female hormones. How canned food has plastic lining in the cans, the water bottles, the birth control getting into the water supply.

    They said it is making the sperm count of men lower and lower, compared to older generations. Creepy? It seems to me like the older generations of men were so much tougher than the men of today.
    My grandpa could have had a finger chopped off and sewn it back on himself. My Dad was quite a tough guy, and I and my friends are much tougher than most the of the men of the younger generations. This is my opinion from karate and MMA class.

    It seems like the young men of today are just less manly, so to speak. No offense, I have met and sparred with some tough kids, but there seems to be far less than in the older generations.

    I'm sure there's much more to this subject, young men growing up without fathers and all.

    I looked into the question on wikiedia, but couldn't find a state to state comparison. It may be there somewhere, but I'm sure someone will find it. Sorry for getting sidetracked. Good luck to you, it's a tough question to find an answer to.

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