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    what is your opinion about the USA being the worlds police force Hell we can't even take care of our problems Should we not take a back seat and take care of us 1st.
    your opinion please

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    We can't afford to pay our own police departments.Let alone everybody elese's .

    Maybe not police force, but perhaps educators, ambassadors, and missionaries, since most of the world's population still lives in the dark ages and much of mankind still hasn't evolved from the Neandertal's.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    If not us, then who?


    I agree the UN should be the one to be in control, after all that was why it was formed. For some strange reason the USA , let me correct, the government of the USA seem to hop in to every area of strife boots and all. Now I do not know if this is a good or bad thing but I do know some people are of the opinion that the USA (government) want to gain control of all the world. It is also strange that oil producing countries are high on the same governments` agenda. The UN should have a committment from each member country of troops and supplies under the control of the UN not one country.


    Continued: When the UN feel it is appropriate to intervene in a countrys` problem the member nations decide on the appropriate action, sanctions or military action. The UN, if force is required,draw on the member nations to supply appropriate forces, But the forces are under the control of a commander answerable directly and ONLY to the UN.The action is paid for out of funds provided by the member nations. The UN calls on Australia, France, England, USA etc for their support not the President of any one nation. This will remove "Hidden agendas" from peoples minds.


    Careful bd I got suspended because I made comment, and just for your information I am not socialist. Your comment on Libya, I agree totaly that the government, if you can call it that, needs changing. Forgive me for my following comment but had a giggle at the people wanting to fight to get freedom but only on their own terms "We dont have any aeroplanes so you cant use yours". Sort of like picking a fight with the school bully and telling him he had to tie his arms behind his back. As I said Forgive me as they need all the help we can give. Ironic also "no fly zone" except us. Oh well!


    I would agree with you in many instances, but generally because of our unique capabilities (stealth bombers and AWACS and keyhole and rhyolite satellite spying), we tend to be the first ones in and the last ones out. Libya is a prime example of this. Should we not take this role and leave it to the UN to be the world's military? That sounds like a socialist agenda. But from the name Peoplelover, I guess that agenda would fit Peoplelover's political agenda.


    The UN !!!!!

    It comes with the job of being the worlds biggest economy, and protecting your foreign interests.


    I am glad you cleared that up for me wrincles, protecting your foreign interests. Hmm very interesting? Was Rome protecting its` foreign interests?

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