If drinking and driving is illegal, why do bars have parking lots??

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    It is to leave your car in a place where it won't get towed so you can take a cab home.
    Not every one who drives to a bar leaves drunk. Responsible drunks leave their cars parked and call a friend or a cab for a ride home.

    True, I used to be the designated driver when my friends and I went out drinking. I was never really into drinking much.
    Good question can't wait to see the answer. TU
    LOL, Good one FF, t.u.

    How about it used to be legal so I can understand why the older bars from the 80's have parking lots, but why the new bars have them is because we all don't abide by the law.

    I lived in a small town in TX for a short while, there was only one bar. The cops used to just wait near the bar and pull everyone over when they left. Everyone I knew in the town had at least one D.U.I..

    Truthfully, it's all about the money, look how all the cities are jacking up their fines on traffic tickets. Because of the budget deficits in city's, they are raising the rates on traffic tickets.

    One video camera monitored intersection in L.A., pulls in over a Million Dollars in Revenue. This is b.s., the purpose of law enforcement isn't supposed to be to raise money, it's supposed to be,"To protect and serve."

    A D.U.I. can financially ruin an entire family and send the offender to jail for several years, this over having a few to many. What kind of warped sense of justice is this????

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