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    Should law abiding people be allowed to carry a firearm on their person either concealed or in the open . and should a person have the right to use deadly force to protect their home and property, example you catch a buglar in your home at night why should you be punished because you used deadly force to protect yourself

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    Yes to both. You (your person)is where property begins. Survival is the ultimate need. If you do not survive, everything else is moot. You have the right to protect your property, starting with you and all of your expansion which is an expression of you.
    In my opinion, you should be able to use whatever is available to protect yourself and property and that includes guns.


    Great question math, two thumbs, way up!

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    I have a carry permit... I dont go on trips without my 9mm. I dont take it into resturants or things like that... But I love my guns.

    Yes I agree with all the above statement. Back in the late 1800's around that era, most people carried guns. Crime was very low because if you robbed the dry goods store, chances were your gonna catch a bullet on the way out. If everyone carried guns crime rates would drop dramatically out of fear. I'm being somewhat imaginative, but I think it would make people think twice before committing a crime.

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people.


    Ieeroy are you crazy, the u.s. is in the state it is today because of thinking like that, guns should be banned completely even for shooting defenceless animals. you can protect property without resorting to guns.

    I know it can, but guns are so much fun, I have been accused of being crazy a few times before,lol.

    But seriously, yes it does work without guns, but guns can also be a very strong deterrent. The problem is that criminals have guns, what happens when good citizens can't get them anymore?

    What happens when a corrupt government want's to take control of the people? How can you fight back? I believe you must fight fire with fire, but I respect your opinion and know my opinion isn't the only way.

    In Switzerland everyone is trained and required to have a gun. Lowest crime rate in the world and no wars. Need I say more?


    Wow, Lupe great point, not pun intended. thumbs up.

    Yes to both. I have an ARSENAL OF WEAPONS, I'm a SOF part time now, but I still need my weapons. I have an AK-47 that is the sweetest shooting thing I've ever had. I've also had sniper training.

    i sure made a decision right here. my wasp spray by my bedside table just isn't good enough.

    Hilarious. You are funny.
    The only type of gun control needed is keeping them out of the hands of criminals and crazies.

    Absolutely and without a doubt!!!!

    When My wife and I travel in our RV I now carry a 12ga. with 00 shot and no plug. Its no longer safe anywhere anymore.

    I carry my 44 SW every where I go.I also have a protection permit.

    You bet your life I do and I am glad to see the readers of this page agree if we do not wake up and vote right we may soon lose that right in Connecticut where i live the dems have learned they cant outlaw our guns so they are trying to outlaw the magazines if the bill in the house passes it will be a felony to have any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds that includes the tube on a .22 rifle
    god help us if this one passes


    it's up to the u.s. govt. to implement this law for all states and crack down on the black market in the military. If they really want to change the Constitution, they can!
    Keep it handy. I have a sign on my property "anyone caught here at night, will be found in the morning" with a picture of a 38MM. I got no problems here.

    38mm.WOW!! Don't you mean .38 caliber!
    ed shank

    Must be the beer.
    The right to keep and bear arms (often referred as the right to bear arms or to have arms) is the assertion that people have a personal right to firearms for individual use, or a collective right to bear arms in a militia, or both.

    Of course guns should be allowed in self defense. Thieves aren't going to mug someone who has a gun. Yet criminals get guns black market.. so it's a justified defense. Yet there are politicians who would prefer to have a gun ban for certain people.. there are over one million people on that list! do these people not deserve to defend themselves.. and if so, then why are they not in prison?

    the gun is not the problem, its the numpty who is carrrying ti


    Just look around you at the people on this site. Would you like them running around with a gun in their hip pocket? I don't think so.

    Here in Canada, had to give up my little 22c semi rifle,and I did have a gun training program,also when I was young train with a m16
    had combat training in a British regiment of Canada.Now they R.M.P.
    send me a letter to fill a questionaire, which I refuse to do,so they confiscate my little rifle,I have no criminal record,so I have no way of protecting myself or property.This is what I think about or government,we people have lost all rights to protect our self.Am I ever proud of my Country I serve.

    The only reason I can think of for a law abiding citizen to give up his or her gun, would be the government wants more control over it's citizens. It leaves them no way to protect themselves from the criminals who can purchase guns on the black market.

    It's just ridiculous to have to give up the ability to protect yourself or family from government or criminals.


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