What do you use to remove the blue stuff (from your jeans rubbing against it) off of a leather handbag?

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    Here's another solution I found on the internet. See if you are comfortable with this idea... click link
    Grandma in CA

    Yes, thank you. I will try it as soon as the purse arrives! Have a great holiday weekend!

    You too G'ma and I'm glad I could help.
    While oil products will stain, rather than clean porous leathers like suede, you can use petroleum jelly for good effect on shiny, water-resistant leathers (such as upholstery leather).

    Does this sound like your purse? Would you call it a non porous shiny leather?

    I can only tell you what I find on like concerning your issue.

    Place a generous amount of petroleum jelly on the stain. Rub it in with the back side of a plastic spoon. Cover and saturate the stain.

    Leave the petroleum jelly on the stain for two to three days. Allow the jelly to soak into the leather.

    Wipe the petroleum jelly away with a soft cloth. First, wipe away the surface covering of jelly. As you continue to wipe, rub against the stain. It should wipe off very easily.

    Wipe the stained area dry with a new, dry soft cloth.

    Add a quarter-sized amount of leather conditioner to a soft cloth. Buff the area with the leather conditioner and the cloth. A good leather conditioner will not only moisturize the leather, but it will remove any remnants of dye. Allow the leather to air dry.

    Grandma in CA

    Thank you for the info but the bag is light grey & the jelly will darken the leather permanently like mink oil does?
    Hi Colleen,
    It is a very soft (non shiny) calf leather (marc jacobs) handbag.

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