One Day left on this earth

    If you had only 1 day left to live and knew it; how would you spend that 1 day?

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    If this was my last day I would make sure everyone I loved thought about Eternity and where they would spend it. Smoking or none smoking

    Headless Man

    I like that....

    Making love to Angelina Jolie

    Praying, then spending money and eating as much as I possibly could.

    And I would make money as Angelina Jolie's body guard, beating up the crazies... lol
    I would pray and try to get my house in order and tell people I am sorry that I thought I might have hurt and tell the people I love good-by and make my peace with JESUS to make sure that I am ready to go because I am just a simple man.

    I would spend that day on my knees.Making sure i was ready when JESUS came for me. DON

    Worried and Confused? I would be. Also, wondering how they found me!
    like any other day .. cause any other day could be your last day on earth.. giving thanks to the all mighty
    I would get off this earth and go someplace else.. Buts that's me...

    by myself, listening to music. =]

    Screwing everyone (female) in sight, trying to do all the things I was told I was not allowed to do, eating the things I was told would kill me, Smoking Cubans, , getting on the phone if possible and telling off all those people who pissed me off, told me no, or generally belittled me, especially all the women who thought they were better than me

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