Wars over Religion

    Do you believe that with in the next 30 years there will be a war between the people of the Muslum and the Jewish Faiths. Christians faiths included

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    When in 2000 years wasn't there a war between the Christians, Muslims and Jews. Correction, Jews and Christians get along just fine, put the Muslim in the middle and they all fight!

    Here in the USA, I am not sure how we would fight such a war, it will not be a conventional war and i fear that it will be here on our own soil, we have been lucky so far.

    I believe in the next two years we will have a major war.


    Unfortunately you may be right... On the bright side though, maybe this war will finally bring us Americans together as Americans again and not red vs blue or liberal vs conservative or left vs right.

    Speaking for myself as an American of course..

    . . . and the Christ said you will know my servants them for my servants do not fight! ;)

    There is no such thing as Religious war, ONLY WARS OF DOGMATIC TRADITIONS; the dark spirit of ignorance ever pounding its chest.

    With out a doubt there will be a major "war" between the Jews and Muslim believers during the next 30 years. Isreal has only been a country for about 65 years. They have been involved in armed warfare with the Muslim community on average of 2-3 "wars/battles" per decades. Now smaller conflicts with Hamas, PLO etc.. might not be labeled as a "WAR" but, I believe with all the new turmoil and changes in the Arab countries currently occurring, all led to increased odds of a major war between the Jews and Muslim nations in the next 30 years.

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