Do you believe in having good work ethics?

    What is your idea of good work ethics and do you believe in always doing a good job no matter what job you have?

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    Everything you do, do your very best.

    I am self employed. There are times when I could make a lot more money by rushing a job but I will do the best job I can even if it means looseing money. I take a real pride in my work. At the end of the day God is watching me.


    you dont have to answer if you dont want to, what do you do for a living?


    I am a brain surgen. Not good to do a rush job......O no sorry the truth is I am a builder lol

    For me this is always the case.
    I've seen a lot of people who get involved more in work politics and kissing up to their bosses while pissing down on their employees.
    In my experience these people always got kicked off at the end.

    do your best at your work and always look to learn something new.if you are a truly hard worker your boss will notice sooner or later and you might be given a better opportunity

    Absolutely! My housemate (James) is the best example of work ethics that I have ever known. I've learned a lot from him all these years...

    yes  without a doubt.

    A good work ethic is always doing the best job you possibly can no matter what the job is. If for no other reason then getting personnel satisfaction out of it. It also can help you establish credibility which could led to a better job.


    That is exactly the way I feel to. I take pride in doing the very best I can no matter what the job is as to me that is a reflection on me as well as the company I work for and even if they don't act like they appreciate it I know I have done my very best and that is just the way I feel.

    yes i do believe in good ethics. i always say "alot of days for you but, just one day for the boss" so, if your doing wrong many days ur not getting away with it cause, the boss will catch you one day. then your out

    I have always believed that you just do it right the first time or your simply wasting time. As I get older I also realize that if you simply do what you love, it will always be the best you can do.

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