How long does it take a stretched nerve to heal?

    What vitamins, minerals and/or herbal compounds encourage nerve regeneration in human beings?

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    Not trying to be funny but I am to the point I have only 1 nerve left and most people at work are getting on it so I have serious doubts that until I get to retire it will ever get better......Sorry wish I had a good answer to help you.

    If your nerve was completely sliced into 2 and a neurologist tried to repair it and no luck, then the odds are not good. Also ,if you spinal surgery and a lot of scar tissue formed around the roots then also not much luck if it has been over a year. However, a nerve can reattach it self and heal as long as there is not much scar tissue or a complete sever of the nerve. The Best vitamines for nerve growth are B-Complex. They have all the B vitamines in it which your nerves needs to function properly.
    I hope things work out for you friend.

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