i do feeling sice and i feel pregnacy and i feel happy one minit and the nexts i feel like crying all te time and evyday

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    Welcome to the pragnancy hormome roller coaster... you can get off in 9 months.

    Do you just "feel" you're pregnant, as you wrote, or do you mean to say you KNOW you ARE pregnant?

    If the latter is the case, if you are pregnant and feel very unstable emotionally, go get help at some womens' organization. If, on top of expecting a baby, you are in a complicated life situation, you really need objective advice from people who are familiar with that kind of case. Maybe you also have good friends who can support you and accompany you when you go for professional help. If you get along well with your family, great. If you don't, or if they are too patronizing, stick to your friends and to professional advice.

    Good luck.

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