The end of the World.

    After all this going on in Africa is the end of this word announcement?

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    Say what?? Don't quite understand the wording of your question. Enlighten us please!

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    No one knows when the end of the world will come, except God. But most people and religious leaders believe that we are in the end times.
    If everyone knew that the world was going to end on 12/21/12 most people would do what ever their hearts desired, then on 12/20/12 the day before the end of the world,they would run to church and get forgiven and be saved.
    After 9/11/01 churches were packed to the brim, because everyone thought it was the end of the world. A few months later it was back to the usual way of life. So if someone expects to get right with God at the last minute, they may be very, very surprised where they spend eternity.
    God never promises us a tomorrow here on earth, the best way to live each day, is if it were your last day.

    Actually, the world never ends. When Jesus returns it will be radically changed but the world never actually ends. God created it to be inhabited for eternity by those who love Him and obey His Son Jesus Christ as Lord.

    no!it is an annoncement for change!

    There is nothing bad to change because of the end of a world; at least a change has been realized, now, I don't believe that a God will be so influenciable to the point of a Jugement be twisted because someone has changed oportunisticaly or because of be affrayd. No!
    That the world will have an end I accept this from a material point fo view: is the nature of things.
    What I can not accept is this kind of pseudo-prophets that, since I born, don't stop saying that the end is near. Many people is suffering with this, many people has died naturaly having a life of suffering because of this people. This is not fair that some people can advogate without scruples under the name of prophecy as under the Name of God.

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