How do you remove ink stain from polyester?

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    Remove ink stains with pictures>


    Question: Does Hair Spray Really Remove Ink Stains

    Ink is a notorious stain. It happens so often, and much of the time, it's on our nicest clothing. Many tipsters tell us to use hair spray. But does it work?

    Answer: We'll call this one a part-myth.

    Ink stains are tricky, but they sometimes respond to alcohol. Alcohol content in hair spray has been greatly reduced since my junior high days of poofed-up bangs. This is great for hair-care. Not so fab for ink stains.

    Sometimes hair spray works. And when it does, it's wonderful. But a lot of times, it doesn't. Hair spray tends to work better if the fabric in question is made of polyester or a polyester blend. That being said, clothing treated with hair spray should be rinsed thoroughly whether the ink came out or not.


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