Bullies and others like them?

    How would you treat grown people that still act like bullies and juevinille delinquiets?

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    Because it hurts and I have to keep my job so therefore I choose to try to not react nor say something in the heat of the moment that would lead to more problems for me or maybe the loss of my job. But it does still hurt.


    well the question is why are you being bullied .. and if so why would you allow it.. you have no control over another human beings actions but you do have total control over how your percieve it and react.. Hurting peole Hurt people... if you undertand that then why does it bother you is the question??

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    I'd treat them exactly the same. Take no crap from them and tell them so. Then walk away.

    gosh...if the bully is at work or school go to HR or the counselor. if the bully is a friend, family or a neighbor and you feel threatened by his actions call 911...nothing chills that type of personality trait more than two police officers confronting the bully...

    Treat them with the contempt they deserve....Fold your arms, stand up tall, shake you head and Smile for 5 seconds....remember the 'Have a Nice Day' as you walk away. Give them No Response whatsoever. A bully feeds on our response, dont give him one.


    Yes, being married to a bully, I told him so many times,he could beat on a woman but never on a man, they scared him, I hope he is back in prison or jail, he deserves at least as much as he gave me.

    Bullies are cowards so stand up to them.

    Stand up to them, act strong and be the better person. Don't swear at them or treat them the way they treat you. Every time you see them smile and hold your head up high. Bullies are only afraid to pick on people who know who they are, so be confident and don't react to them if they turn on you. If you are weak, or cave in when (and if) they insult you, they will know they have found a target. It is the same with all ages.


    I truly believe that this is the best answer of all. I feel that bullies are basically insecure people and feed off the weaknesses or what they perceive as weakness of others and if you give them reactions then you are just feeding into their vicious cycles of what they get their kicks from since they obviously have no life.

    everything i think feel say and do has a direct effect on everything and everyone around me
    misery is a choice hance == do you want to be part of the problem today or the solution??

    I just quit a job because of a bully there. I am a female and this bully was a guy. Wow such a man huh, picking on a girl. Anyway, last Monday I woke up and thought I really don't want to go back there. As luck would have it and maybe God on my side, I saw an ad on Craigslist in my line of work with a phone number. I called and they said come in and fill out an application, so I called in sick to my job, went to the place, applied, got interviewed, hired on the spot. Started the next day! Only been there 4 days and feel way more comfortable than I did in the 4 months I was at that other job.

    So back to that. This guy that bullied me, pretty much bullied everyone. He even bullied the managers. But he was there so long at the job and work wise was an excelent worker, so they overlooked the bullying. I was new there and not doing the job that well, so fighting back with him or complaining about him wouldn't be an option. I am just so glad and thankful to the Lord that I happened to find that ad and get a new job and be out of there!


    Sunflower I am very very happy that you found a better job with better people and a better environment, unfortunately that is not an option for me as I have worked for this same company for well over 34 years and working toward retirement, but horray for you I am glad you do not have to put up with that horrid guy anymore. Congrats

    smile at them my mom says:)

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