How do I handle my dads funeral preparations all by myself?

    Where to start? How do I get through the days that I cant quit crying for more than a hour at a time?

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    Contact the funeral director of the funeral home you wish to have the service at. They will walk you through everything. They will do all paperwork and help you think. They are good at taking care of everything.

    The tears will come but you will get through it. I took care of my grandfather the last 5 years of his life. He lived in my home and died at home. I handle his funeral alone. I cried. I cried through all of it. It doesn't matter....cry, let them guide you. They're use to doing the thinking.What got me through it too was thinking that everything I was doing, I was doing for him. It did help.

    My sympathies for your loss. It's hard I know.

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