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    I just got my headlight replaces in my car and now it stays on unless I unplug it. What could be wrong. It is on a ford windstar van.

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    You're closing the circuit somewhere. Sounds like the switch to me.. try testing the switch


    You're very welcome!


    Thanks for your help. I will have to have someone check it out

    sounds like an open ground wire, this a break in the wire or maybe the wires in the harness (group of wires)when the person who removed the old head light tugged on the plug on the back of the bulb might have unknowingly damaged one of the wires. In any case take it back to were the work was done and bring some big friends who can yell loudly just kidding ha ha good luck
    do high beam work if so it aint the switch..i take it back to where you had it light or two...

    negative, if it stays on all the time, regardless of the switch position it is most likely the switch itself, or the circuit is closed elsewhere between the light and the switch. The circuit is closed. Personally, I would pull the switch and put a meter on it.

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