I have not had a dream in over 5 years now since my mother passed at age 56 due to malpractice. Now I know we dream every night! I have not remembered a good one,Bad,Nightmare?? So what does it mean after losing a loved one and not being able to remember any dreams in general? Thanks!

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    I picked this up off the web hopefully it can help you out, good luck!

    It can be very frustrating trying to recall dreams. Not only do we never remember most of them, but the ones we do recall can easily slip away and evaporate. But with a little guidance and effort, you will soon have more dream recall than you know what to do with!

    Here is a quick Five Step process for dream recall:

    1. Night Before: Keep a pad of paper and pen and a couple of pencils by your bed. Date the paper the night before. When you awake, in the night or in the morning, write something down. Even "I recall nothing this morning" is good to write down. If you are keeping a journal, read the last dream you had.

    2. When you go to bed, relax your body and review the day in reverse. How did I get ready for bed? What was I doing just before going to bed? What did I do this evening? What was it like coming home from work, what did I do at the office, what did I have for lunch, and so on, all the way back to how you got up and either recall your last dream or recall your writing down "I recall nothing this morning.". This exercise (From Psychosynthesis) is very relaxing and helps us learn to reflect back and focus the way we need to focus to recall dreams.

    3. As you are getting close to falling asleep, repeat over and over, "When I wake up, I will remember my dream.". Jill Gregory of the Novato Dream Library says that a physical "trigger" along with the verbal suggestion often helps, i.e. pressing your thumb against each finger as you say each word of the suggestion.

    4. When you wake up in the morning, don't move! Stay in your same position, relax your body and let your mind drift closer to your dream. Remind yourself that you want to remember your dream. Shutting your eyes may help. Thinking about what you are going to do in the future, like shower or at work or appointments is the best way to miss a dream.

    5. Once you begin to recall the dream, start writing! Write down whatever you remember right away so you're not trying to remember that material while trying to recall new material. If after a minute you don't have any recall, write down "I don't recall anything." Or even better, write down a short made-up fantasy about what you would have liked to have dreamed. If you have other dreams in the journal, read one of them.

    For more information on how to recall dreams:

    Breakthrough Dreaming: How to Tap the Power of your 24-Hour Mind by Gayle Delaney

    Living Your Dreams: Using Sleep to Solve Problems and Enrich Your Life by Gayle Delaney

    Living Your Dreams by Gayle Delaney

    The Dream Game by Ann Faraday

    Developing Dream Recall. In Dream Tips by Jill Gregory

    Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill: Using Dreams to tap the Wisdom of the Unconscious by Jeremy Taylor


    its nice to have a good dream , what about nightmares :zigmun froude said "your dreams are your fantises- who fantizes about falling off a cliff


    My ex-girlfriend, she said the interpretation was that she had to let go and trust God, so she stepped off the cliff, and landed in His hand, kinda cool...

    I believe the psychological interpretation associates the fear of heights with a fear of commitment, in her case both answers probably applied.

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