how can u chagrge me??? please dear help me explain me ,,,,,,,,and i dont need this toolbar and i wana get off it.,,,,,but how can i plzz explain me all detail plzzz

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    2 Answers

    Stay to one thread and people will understand what you're asking.

    #1, we did not charge you for anything.

    #2 To remove the toolbar, go to your start menu > control panel > add/uninstall programs > find toolbar, click it one time and then click uninstall.

    #3 take a computer course at your community college so you don't get so upset about the goings on of your computer so you do not get charged for things.

    #4, You can only get charged for things on the internet if you are not paying attention to what you're doing and you agree to the charges and give your credit card number.

    #5. If you did not give a credit card number, you can't be charged.



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