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    is there any companies that let you take your 6 year old niece's boy on an internal flight from Glasgow or Edinburgh to London and back

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    The English language is a cool thing, I enjoy listening to Brits speak! I was going to say it sounds like someone's flying inside a tiny plane inside a human body, but not really that funny? Good question, your gonna have to call around to the airline companies or go online to find out.
    Good luck with the question.

    It's to bad so when someone asks a question here that people get attacked with negativity, I spend a lot of time with my niece and nephews, we like to go fishing. My niece has a pink barbie fishing pole, it's cute. Anyway best wishes with your legitimate question.

    I get blue deaths, comment though, he's making fun of the way you worded the question, pretty cleaver. Misguided in a perverted sort of way, there is no girl of that age on record of ever having a baby, I think the youngest child to have a baby is 9years old. hope that was a joke. If not, get your mind out of the disgusting gutter. Best of luck with your question.


    Yes it was a joke. Dangling participles always make me laugh. :-)

    is there any companies that let you take your 6 year old niece's boy on an internal flight from Glasgow or Edinburgh to London and back?

    First of all, if your six year old niece has a boy - she's six for crying out loud - then you may have a lot more to worry about than just traveling by air. For example, who's f-ing the six year old, and why and how is a six year old's body capable of producing a baby? Beyond that, I'm at a loss why a six year old nice has a boy of any age. By the way, if the parent is with the child, most airlines will allow the child to fly, except in very special circumstances. But almost all will require you to pay full faire ticketed pricing now for the seats. But even so, you had best check with the airlines directly and not take our word for it.


    Nice one bluedeath,made me laugh.


    Well I'm glad someone on here has a sense of humor - or at least recognizes mine. :-)

    What makes you think any of them wouldn't ??.


    thats a question hate people who answer questions with another question

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