Defamation of character or not?

    If you dated someone and subsequently broke it off, and that individual then communicates with the new boyfriend about the personal, sexual experiences you guys shared via written communication. Is it considered defamiationof character because he disclosed private information to a third party?

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    yes it could be if that person lied

    Not really. Think of it this matter if it were negative info or positive, obviously the guy can't get you off of his mind. Seems you have hurt his pride and he is just proving that or he is obsessed with you and doesn't want to let who you are go.I would ignore what he says, being defensive only draws attention to what he said. Just shrug your shoulders and laugh at the silliness of the whole thing, people seeing that will sense the non truth by your reaction. Send him love and light and let him go!

    good question, what do you think! thats all that matters

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