how do i turn of my service light on my vauxhall vectra

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    Put a piece of black tape over it. Thats what my uncle did and never had a

    Not sure I understand the Vuxhall but in other vehicles it means you need service. :) If you have a cose set, even if you shut it off, its probably just temporary until it sets again. However, you can try to disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes then reconnect.

    In my Dodge, it will come on if it senses a problem, for the next 15 startups it will come back, if during this time the problem corrects itself it will go out on its own, still a code will be set though. as i understand it)

    One assumes you mean the service indicaor light on the dash panel.Turn the ignition to "on", without the engine running, then press and hold the tripmeter reset for about 10 seconds.On some vehicles you will hear a beep when reset. Dont forget this light is to tell you the vehicle needs its regular service. The cheapest way to have a car last is service the quickest way to have problems is don`t service.

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