studying medicine at the age of 37

    is it a very bad idea to start med school at the age of 37?

    my other option is to finish my PhD but i dont want to be a researcher.

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    Hey Lucy,

    as my driving teacher said: "It is never too late to change the gear." Go ahead with your dreams! if this is what you want, you will be motivated and successful at it.

    Just one advice: if there is very little left for you to finish your PhD, do it. That way, you leave no open ends and have a good title which will always pay off in one or the other way. It will always look good in your cv.

    Otherwise, good luck with med school!!!


    go for, it my friend was a theater nurse and I kept telling her to become a Doctor she has one year left and she is 38 yrs old and in the mean time she had breast cancer and today gave birth to a baby girl hay if she can do it anyone can she is my insperation and she returns to uni in september and next year she will be a Doctor you must do this All the Luck in the world mel

    I do not think it is ever too late in life if you want to do that and have the resources to do so. Good for you. Kudos to you.

    im taking medicine at age 47 it could be worse

    If studying medicine is a dream of yours, then by all means explore the options for completing the process.
    We are all always evolving. We are blessed with minds and dreams. Your age is a factor only in that you might have difficulty paying for the education if you have to give up a job in order to do the study. But even then, that is only a road bump. Every obstacle is in essence an opportunity for personal growth.
    Please finish your Ph.D if you can. I think leaving things unfinished can open the door for regret.
    It is so wonderful to know that people can reinvent themselves at any age.

    Best of luck to you. Keep on evolving.

    Well i started medical class to become a paramedic at a young age but its never to late to start medical school if your really determined

    Hi everyone,


    I am also looking to have a complete new challenge and career.   I am 37 years old with no degree etc.  I was never given encouragement when I was young to go to university or anything like that.   I am now about to start online A levels and then I want to study to become a Medical Doctor.   I believe if you have the passion to do something then you can achieve it.   I was just worried about my age, but after reading your comments to the others I think I will go for it, best to give it a go then to regret not doing it at all.   My sister in law is in her final year at med although she is much younger than me (29) .  

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