can I get financial help

    my wife has been diagonozied with aggressive small cell lung cancer. I cannot go out and work because of all the chemo, radiation and scans appointments. In between all these, she needs help even walking to the bathroom. I have had to take over all household duties. She is collecting disability each month, but each month my daughter and son give us some money to buy groceries and pay some of our bills. Is there any way I can apply for a sum of money each month as I cannot get any job and I cannot rely on my children to support us.

    I would greatly appreciate a reply and thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and understanding.

    Best Regards
    Rudi de Langen

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    Sorry about your sad situation, but this site does not give financial help, we only answer questions. Perhaps there is help from the Government in the US. How about a church group, would they help you?

    There's a website,  Just be careful. Never send money to get money. Be careful with your personal information. Do as much research as you can concerning lenders.

    Supplemental Security income

    You can also call to see if they can advise you about other benefits your wife may qualify for.

    Telephone: 641-715-3900 Ext. 606151





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