how can i tell if my wife is seeing another man

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    Ask Her!! It's called Communication.

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    Instinct, All of a sudden she's buying new clothes, she come and goes at strange times, says going shopping and comes home with nothing, getting snappy with you over trivial things,romantic encounters with you are scarce and very different, she does things she never did before in bed, there's hundreds of ways... You can check her cell too but if she's smart, she will eliminate any calls from the suspected other guy..

    also, everything i said above has a normal side to it as well.. Maybe she's telling the truth. sometimes a man's (or woman's) imagination takes over and you begin imagining all kinds of weird things that you think are happening and they aren't.

    Old saying, 'give enough rope and they will hang themselves' Meaning, just back off and if she's seeing someone, you don't lash out at her, she will become comfortable and will make a mistake-- then you'll know. But remember, there's an equal chance that she is not.. You're not on a guilt trip are you? Because many times those that have had an affair are the first to be in fear its coming back to them and now they are the victim.
    ole hipster

    WOW...great answer!!
    T.u. Vinny, good answer. Mostly you can tell by the change in behavior and a feeling of distance between you. Like Vinny said give her the rope and don't question her to much, she will eventually hang herself (if) she is cheating.

    Girls nights out is the usual cover up story, they get their friends to corroborate their alibi. You could always get a friend or private investigator to follow her, sometimes we don't want to know the truth though. Hope your suspicions aren't correct, when my girl cheated, I just felt it. It was a feeling she just kept denying, until I caught her.

    It was all of the lies that hurt he most and the breach of trust as well.
    Good luck, hope you're wrong...
    Your underwear draw is filled with BRIEFS and you wear BOXERS ;)
    If you really think that's the case, check her Phone for suspicious sms or repeated calling numbers.

    Been there, done that...

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