what is value of us gold coin of ten dollar

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    Your Liberty ten dollar gold coin values are a lot higher today than just a year ago. The market is expanding, the price of gold is up and so is the value of your coins.

    Easily worth a minimum of $681 each, these large and popular coins are always in demand. The chart below lists coins by date, mint mark, and condition, finding the highest value of your coins.

    Also, and just as important, is the section on grading gold coins. Often an old gold coin, because of its condition rises in value by hundreds of dollars.

    The Liberty ten dollar gold pictured, an 1879 is worth over $747 . The condition, luster, and mark free surfaces are the type of coin dealers and collectors pay a premium to obtain.

    With higher condition coins worth so much more it is important to examine and judge your coin carefully.

    See value list here>>


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