Humans and War

    Why are Humans the only member of the animal kingdom to wage War?

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    ....physical, emotional, social, psychological, economical, educational, marital or religious ?

    I guess you never witnessed a dog fight.. Or for that matter, in the insect world, ants, wasps, etc.. Think of how the human race would be if we waged war like that? Every living creature wages war of one type or another, usually for resources. 'I want what is yours-- I will protect what is mine.."
    Actually I watched a documentary on the chimpanzee in the wild and they actually plan and execute an attack on other chimp families. They also use weapons such as rocks to kill with. They are actually very vicious ripping apart the opponent limb from limb.

    Yes I've seen that one, the go cannibalistic in that show correct? If not I've seen a similar show.

    Yes I think that was the show
    well we do have "army ants"

    Ants defend thier homes to the last man,er,I mean Ant,,

    Any human battle is about power, control, and money. Animal battles are for survival


    The u/k battled for survival in two world wars though Bob,,

    ....because someone wanted to have more power, control, and money. You battled to defend yourselves from losing those things for yourselves and others

    Thats about right i guess,,

    We aren't as complicated as we think we are.
    its human nature to wage war I may be wrong its just what I believe
    I think that waging war is a human emotion. In the animal kingdom U have different families of the same type of breed and they fight 4 territory, right?
    Animals are very capable of defending themselves and their territories. Guess you've never seen Mutual Omaha's "The Wild Kingdom"! Great show!

    Your sister,

    Simple answer, humans have ego,greed and an inept need for power. Characteristics the animal kingdom lacks for the most part.


    Yes i certainly agree about the about the inept need for power,,that so many adorn,,

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