explain the concept of heredity vs environment

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    Many aspects of human characteristics (such as height, eye color and your sex) are largely genetically determined or obtained in your heredity. Traits you have from your heredity are traits you are born with in your DNA.
    Environmental factors refers to various external or environmental factors which an individual is exposed to from birth to death. These environmental factors are things you experience during your life that influence your personality, beliefs and specific traits as well. For example if you grew up in a family that valued a specific religious belief, you would be much more likely to have this belief as well. Another example of an environmental influence would be if you were around a lot of 2nd hand smoke you would be more likely to develop lung problems than a person who was not. It is often referred to the nature, heredity, VS. nurture, environmental, concept. Often both influence specific characterists in a persons life. Good Question.

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