Are you preparing yourself to die?

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    I am already prepared to die because I know where I will be going.


    Bully for you.

    some people on here need to get a life,stop asking what we think about jesus also what the bible as to say,who cares!

    ole hipster

    I'm sure there are many people who care but I agree with you. I've been thinking the same thought as it seems like this is becoming too much of a religious forum. In my opinion how one feels about either God or politics is often best kept to onself.

    what sort of question is that?

    Not being very religous, but being a very caring person who thinks of others, yes I am, from experience after my parent's died we were left with having to help pay for the funerals, and not being a rich family we had no choice.
    So that my family dont have the same trauma of having to fork out for my funeral, I have paid for it in advance through a Co-op funeral policy about 8 years ago.
    As for my death, I'm not looking forward to it, but I am ready for it when ever it comes, and just hope I die like my father, in my sleep,the older you get the less you worry about it.
    PS:- I also made a will, "again from experience", something my parent's didnt do, so I'm not preparing for my death, I've already prepared.

    With every breath; we are one breath closer to our last....

    Everybody should have advance directives. Wills, trusts, assigning durable power of attorney are a close second.

    Have a nice day and try not to obsess over the inevitable. ;-)

    No, I like suprises.

    I'm working on it

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