why does love hurt?

    love is a very passion word
    dont say it if you dont mean it.

    why do boys cheat on girls?
    once a heart is broken it cant be fixed unless mr right come along.

    but my question is .. why do guys have to hurt us girls or women?

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    Headless Man

    It goes both ways lexibieber13.

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    Cheating is a two way street, there are just as many women who cheat on men, as men who cheat on women. The problem is people don't want to wait for true love, people jump into the physical part of the relationship, without really getting to know the other person first.

    Don't give it away until you know that it really is love, then once you've both discussed it, and have got to know each other, you can proceed. The problem is to many people mistake lust for love.
    Good decisions usually take time, fast decisions are usually the wrong ones.

    Be much more careful when you decide to sleep with someone, men don't respect a woman who puts out after a short time, and you really don't get the chance to know each other on a more personal level.
    If you are in a relationship with Mr. Wrong, when Mr. Right comes along, you are going to miss out and regret it later. Be patient, take time to get to know someone before you take it to the next level. Good luck with your future relationships, sorry for your pain, do what you can to avoid this in the future.




    thanks (:.

    I know this sounds old fashion, but wait till your married for sex and it will be more special between you and your mate.


    thats what i was thinking
    but thanx(:

    LOVE never hurts. It's the absence of LOVE that hurts!!!


    true and thanks

    Like Leeroy says it works both ways.Women cheat all the time as well. Again to repeat his words waiting and getting to know each other first is so important. The moment sex is introduced to the relationship, the learning about one another is stunted and sex becomes the focus. Isn't it more important that he focuses on who you are and has time to really learn to like or love who you are before he starts to think about getting back into the bedroom.If a man is truly interested in you he will be patient. I have talked to many women who refused to have sex and ended up in a committed relationship versus a mess later.Also you must understand that when you are going through anything in life that hurts it is a learning and growing experience. I once read that the more you hurt for a lost love, the more capacity of love you are able to give.That's a gift!When the hurt becomes overwhelming...send him love and light and let him go. That also includes forgiving him in order to let him go. The longer you hold on to hurt and resentment, the longer you are holding on to someone that isn't feeling the same way at all.Be thankful this happened before kids and marriage entered the picture, he did you a favour in a sense.Let him go and move on knowing you are a very loving person and when the right one comes along, he will be a very lucky man to have you in his life. LIGHT AND LOVE...Lora

    love always hurts in an unequal parnership.if it always hurts , make the hard decidion a either rebalance it or move on


    thank u for saying that

    Love is a learning, and people make mistakes, it's all part of... it's time to put your big girl pants on.

    What specifically do you mean by "Love hurting" often it is the person or object of love that hurts, not love itself. True love it patient, kind, forgiving, peaceful, not jealous.... Being that all people are flawed you have a flawed individual trying to express some form of the perfect... Love. I know you may be hurting, I am sorry for that. I hope that you can learn that Love in and of itself does not hurt. Forgive the one that hurt you. You do it for you to set yourself free, not for that person. I wish you peace and joy!!!


    it does hurt

    Love hurts because it is a strong emotion. Not having love can hurt more but being in love is not easy. Keeping relationships happy and healthy is one of the hardest things we as humans can go through.


    thanx for telling me this

    For me, love is a 4 letter word..however over the years of learning becomes something unbreakable,,i say this as my wife and i are coming up to 40 years married..and both of us have only been married once..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 

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