justin bieber

    i love justin bieber <3
    why do ppl call him gay? if they dont no his lifestyle
    dont judge a book buy its cover thats just gay iight?
    so all u haters can get a life.

    i dont care about my spelling right now but stop hating !
    ur just making him more famous(:

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    i got his first jockstrap!! it still fits


    you or him? ha ha

    oh ha ha ha ha ha


    lol (: i love him


    I’ve been listening to him with my grand daughters. Know what? I’m starting to like him too.

    whats a biieber


    a singger hunn!

    i have a lock of mr. bevers hair. got it in his 7th grade class ... sat right behind him. it's in a manilla envelope with all the boys in the 7th grade so i don't know which one is his. he's happy and gay the live long day.


    im in 7th grade haha

    It won't matter if hes a SWORD SWALLOWER OR NOT. In a few years Justin Boober will go the same way of Lief Garret, David Cassidy and Jerry Mather's (THE BEAVER) after you teeny bopper gals grow up.......working the WENDYS drive up windows.


    kool....... i have bieber fever.

    I didn't think Rock Hudson was gay either.



    ture that to the 1st person who had answer this question althouth persons who areege me and the 1st person say i!!!!!.....

    Justin Bieber is a loser. All the girls fell in love with him very quickly as they made him a rock by winning this one song. There are many other artists out there who are more talented than him and by him winning this made him the leader of the land!! That doesn't make him King!! He is a true fag with that stupid hair.


    meow, meow. Justin Bieber is a 16 yr old boy who sings. He's cute to the girls and apparently sings well. Jealousy will get you nowhere.


    hes 17 lmfao

    justin bieber is a singger hunn!

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