Is a metalic taste in the mouth a symptom of heart distress?

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    A metallic taste in your mouth is not an uncommon symptom, and metal tasting is typically not a serious problem.

    Your perception of a metallic taste can be due to an assortment of metal mouth factors. However, the most common causes of the unflavorful taste of metal are medications used for treatment of:

    * antibiotics
    * kidney stones
    * antidepressants
    * prenatal vitamins
    * anesthetic ~ lidocaine
    * heart failure ~ captopril
    * giardiasis ~ metronidazole
    * trichomoniasis ~ tinidazole
    * CT scan ~ contrast medium
    * chronic alcoholism ~ disulfiram
    * rheumatoid arthritis ~ auranofin
    * high blood pressure ~ captopril
    * low calcium treatment ~ calcitriol
    * weight loss, diabetes ~ metformin

    Unhealthy oral hygiene may be the cause for a metal taste symptoms in your mouth, including:

    * gingivitis
    * periodontitis
    * tooth infections

    Some other causes and diseases that may be causing your taste to be metallic are:

    * cancer
    * food allergy
    * peptic ulcer
    * lichen planus
    * marine toxins
    * too much iron
    * hypercalcemia
    * lead poisoning
    * bleeding gums
    * kidney disease
    * eating pine nuts
    * copper overdose
    * selenium toxicity
    * iodine intoxication
    * mercury poisoning
    * cadmium poisoning
    * acute kidney failure
    * burning mouth syndrome

    Calcium carbonate supplements can cause you to believe that you are eating metal as well.

    Sometimes your cause for metallic tin taste may never come to light, and your unsavory metal episode goes away on its own. Albeit, you may experience a month or so of tasting metal.

    Scraping or brushing your tongue, along with multiple daily teeth brushings may alleviate metallic suffering. Also, try using plastic utensils for eating whenever you notice a metallic taste in your mouth.

    As you can see, there are many causes. The best way to find out is to see a doctor and have some tests done.
    A bitter taste in mouth and heart disease are, in some people’s minds closely linked. This is especially true when chest pain accompanies that bitter taste. The person experiencing both signs may quickly suspect coronary disease and rush to seek information.
    A bitter taste in mouth and heart disease are not usually linked, however. There are several other causes of bitter taste in the mouth.

    A bitter taste in mouth and heart disease are commonly connected when the taste is caused by heartburn or one of its companions, acid reflux, or GERD. The backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus can trigger an acid, bitter taste in the mouth. When heartburn causes a burning sensation in the chest, it is natural to wonder if there is a cardiovascular problem. Since heart attack is a possibility, you should seek help immediately if other heart attack symptoms are present.

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