How and where can I dispose of used motor oil, and a car battery in Fairway Kansas

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    See here>>

    Here, you must return your old battery, or be charged a disposal fee, when you buy a new one.  Otherwise, take it to a scrap yard, they will pay about $5.  As for the oil, the retailer who you buy your oil from must take back equal amounts of your purchase, save the receipt.  Or find a municipal recycle center to drop it off at. 

    Mission City Hall use to have a recycle oil bin.  Over by the swimming pool. I use to use it there. Take the battery to Wal Mart at mission shopping mall, just give to them.

    My friend, Ron,said if you just put it in a pan in your back yard, it will evaporate. That's what he told me when I asked him about my oil . As for the car battery , most recycling centers have a barrel where you put old batteries.


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