Practical Jokes, what practical jokes have you pulled on your freinds, family or people?

    I was watching the news and say a story where a man went to the bathroom at Wal-Mart and was super glued to the bathroom seat. That was on April, 1st.

    What was the worst practical joke someone pulled on you?

    What practical jokes have you pulled on people and did you ever regret it or feel guilty for what you did?

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    whatashame whatasham

    I pulled a horrible but funny joke on a blind man with a hunch back. I was laughing so hard I couldn't talk or get off the floor. It drove my brother nuts. Do you want to hear it?

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    i was having lunch with my father and two brothers. one brother got up to use the toilet,two minutes later i went to wash my hands in the same mens room. as i was done i noticed a mop and bucket in the corner and started moping the floor around my brothers feet, unknowest to him he thaught i was the janitor. i started moping his shoes and feet and he cries "IM IN HERE' i grunt mop a little more and then really start "mopping" his knees and the like .he yells "IM IN HERE,IM IN HERE" i put the mop down grunt and walk back to the table. two minutes later my brother walks out of the mens room pale white and shaking. my brother told the story about how he was assulated on the hopper ,my father and other brother looked at me and cried laughing
    I love to put a fake parking ticket under the wiper of my friends cars. I then watch from a distance to see their reaction. Try it
    when i was just a wee ladd of 16 I tried to get my mom to quit smoking a pack and a half a day I would throw them in the freezer bury them in the yard ect then one day I saw in the local novelty store, cigaret loads tiny half inch size slivers of wood that would explode when the cigaret would burn down to were it was placed. It had a pointed end that could easly be slipped through the tabbaco using a paper clip I think I had spiked about 10 there I was sitting at the dinner table waiting for mom to light up one drag two drags POW!!!! half that cigaret flew across the table and i fell out of my chair plate and all laughing, what a site to see.
    Ms Sinclair

    Did she quit?
    My friend Brian and I were always up to no good. Here's another one we pulled at the movie theater.

    We went to the head shop and bought those stink bombs that come in small glass viles, and headed for the movie theater. Once we got there we put them in a paper towel dropped them on the floor and stomped em with our boots. You should have seen how fast people ran out of there. The tough part is trying not to laugh...

    It's an easy to clear the room, especially if the theater is crowded, we got the best seats in the house. It doesn't take long for the smell to wear off, usually about 15 or 20 minutes.

    grotty - Definition of grotty at
    adjective. Chiefly Brit., Slang dirty, cheap, nasty, disgusting, etc.: a generalized term of disapproval, Hmm, I've been called worse... I have turned over a new leaf since then, this is when I was young.
    Senior prank: Dug a grave in the middle of our rivald football field and put a head stone that said RIP PHS
    Just plain mean: put mayo in a condom and put it in the toilet of our recently married nieghbors.... She was really mad. Thought he was already cheating. We didnt let her think it for long

    Well I like to catch a family member asleep and put shaving cream on them , once my sister was asleep in the recliner and I got her, she woke up when when the UPS man made a del. she went to the door opened it and the ups man laughed dropped his parcel and my sister still did not know what was so funny signed for the package the UPS man departed laughing so hard he drove away laughing and she came into the kitchen with the package telling us about this crazy delievery driver who made her mad she had no idea what so ever what he was laughing about. We agreed with her that UPS has some weird employees



    lol, t.u..

    One time my friend Brian and I used electrical tape to tape the handle of a pressure washer on. It was at one of those drive up car washes, it was terrible, the thing was flinging and spraying all over the place, I felt terrible, I'm sure it caused quite a bit of damage to the car, we just sat across the street cracking up. What can I say I was young and dumb. I have done quite a few more really bad ones.

    During my time in the army a mate and I came back from a trip to the local pub feeling no pain. One of our room mates was asleep naked on his bed so we picked the bed up, carried the bed with him on it to the "Holiest of the Holy" at the School of Artillery. THE Paarade grround where no one but no one dared go except on parade. We plonked him down ran back and locked the door and called out too wake him up then shut the window. He stood up on his bed in a stupor looking around stark bollocky naked in the middle of the Parade Ground. To top it off there was a function just finishing at the Sergeants mess near where our naked friend was and several women visitors came out the door way.


    Wow, my brother used to short sheet his buddies bunks, the military seems to be a great place to prank your friends. T.u. very funny.

    Well, this is not one I played myself but when I was a kid at camp some teenage girls decided to play a rather nasty practical joke on an unsuspecting younger camper. One of the girls asked the younger one to go and ask another girl (who was also in on the joke) if her uncle still dances the way that he used to. She said that she used to know him a couple of years ago and that he was a terrific dancer. I don't recall what excuse she gave the kid about why she couldn't ask her this question herself, but when the kid approached the other girl and asked her this, the girl pretended to be very upset by this and shouted at the kid "I don't think that's funny. My uncle was in the war and had both of his legs blown off". Needless to say, the little girl apologized profusely and ran away crying. It took quite a while for them to convince her that it was only a joke.
    I changed the swing on the refridgerator door and watch the looks ya get. lol

    That's a good one, would be funny at work especially, thumbs up.

    When I was just 18 my 16 yr old sister and 19 yr old cousin were in Switzerland on a trip.  My sister conked out, exhausted from traveling. It was only 9pm and she had been asleep an hour. We were leaving on the bus early the next morning and had to have our bags outside  in the hallway by 7am if we didn't want drag them ourselves down 5 flights of stairs, no elevator. My cousin and I got our stuff together  and knew my sister would probably sleep through the night and not be ready on time at 7 am, so we got the idea to set the clock and alarm for 6:55 am  and I crawled into bed while cuz wrapped a towel around her head as if she just showered. The alarm goes off and I holler at Sis telling her to get up because she  only had 5 min to get her bags packed and outside the door. She is bleary eyed, confused and is stumbling around the room trying to pack everything. She finally gets her stuff outside the door and comes back in the room to see us both rolling on the bed, dying of laughter!! She was SO mad she wouldn't talk to either of us for the next full day and is still mad when we bring it up even now, and that was 30 yrs ago!!

    put laxtive in my cousins coffee.....funny ....but he didn't think

    when i was smalll i had put baby powder in his head when he want to the supermarket the lady told him to dust his head and when he did what the lady said he hala fa fia fia while runing out the supermarket.

    When you were small? You mean you're not small now? You sound like you're 8yrs old. Do you mean small like 5 yrs old?

    I called my mom at 12:01am April 1st when I was 17 and told her I was at the hospital with a part of my bone sticking out of my arm and they couldn't do anything until she came down to sign permission. She was there a couple of hours and noone at the hospital realized it was April fools day either. Johnnie, St. Petersburg, Florida




    Wow, my Mom would have broken my bones for that one...

    i put a hole crud load of pine cones on someones doorstep

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