Near death experiences. Has you or someone close to you almost died? Maybe it was a car accident, or an Illness, please explain?

    How many of us have had a near death experience? A terrible car accident or illness that could have taken your life? Just wondering what the circumstances were, what happened? How do you attribute your survival in that situation?

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    I had a client that died giving birth. She was being pulled along a tunnel and doors were closing behind her the further she got. She said she could hear beautiful music and a white light began to envelop her. She was filled with peace and suddenly she heard a voice tell her it was too soon and she started being pulled back in the other direction again.In the distance she started to hear the doctor yelling her name and telling her the baby needed her. Just a few months ago Deloris did pass away at 82 but before she died she told me she was starting to see relatives in her dreams that had long since passed and she knew she didn't have long. She was scheduled for a small surgery and I had told her to be positive, that everything was going to be fine. She had three dogs and she had mentioned the dogs would not leave her side and that she knew the dog sensed her end as well.


    Wow, touching story, thanks mom!

    If I ever head towards Canada or Alaska, I'd like to get coffee with you someday, you are a interesting and caring person.

    Hey leeroy...I totally welcome you to my home...hope you do come this way, I would show you my is a beautiful place...I am very proud of it. Please do not ever close yourself to coming here:)

    First one...I was in a fire when I was 17 and a black labrador retriever woke me and I stood in the front room screaming for my Dad and Stepmother...long story short...just made it out with our lives, lost what, we were alive and unharmed. The strange thing about this though is that I had a recurring dream upon growing up that I was in a burning room and couldn't get out and all I could see was a bucket of water outside the burning door that I couldn't reach! This dream was almost e
    xactly the same as what actually did happen in real life. Strange, huh?
    Second one...helped a "gang banger" who was shot outside my front window here in lovely Chicago (I'm of course being facetious).. unfortunately he died as I was trying to help him not bleed out.
    Third one...I have myself been taken by ambulance after overdosing with the help of a fentanyl patch! This happened twice. I was lucky that my boyfriend was there to help me and call an ambulance...I sure didn't hear any angels or anything.
    Third and last!...While living and working in SE Florida, I came home from work and found my (at the time) live in boyfriend of 2 years dead after he took a gun in his mouth...not pretty..I was a mess emotionally for a time, but recovered from that one! I could go on but I'm hungry and going to get some lunch! (:


    Wow, have you ever noticed that the people who have been through many difficulties in life, seem to be the ones with a good understanding of what life is about.

    ole hipster

    So true leeroy, so true

    had an out of beer experience once, through the grace of god. hopefully it will never happen again!


    lmao...had that before too...thanks for the laugh

    Had a time years ago, when I accidently overdosed myself with booze and valiums. At the time I was young and had accepted that when you're dead, you're just dead, and that's the end of it. But, odd as it seemed, I found myself floating near the ceiling looking down on my own body. I didn't hear or see anything from another realm of existence, but felt like I was being drawn up through the ceiling. Just then, I thought about my father being alone and the pain he would feel if I died. (He had just went through the death of my mother from cancer.) I didn't want to leave him alone by himself. All of a sudden it was like someone had just slapped me across my chest, my whole body lurched, and I found myself laying on the bed looking up to where I had been floating on the ceiling. To put it politely, things occured during this that usually only happen when you die. So, I do believe that for a moment there, I just might have died and come back to life. After I cleaned up, I could only sit and wonder what had just I had just never really thought of having the ability to look down upon my own body. It took me years to ever be able to tell anyone of that experience.
    Then, years later, by chance I found a book written by a doctor whose patients had described to him similar experiences when their bodies had physically died, including being able to describe things outside the immediate area for which there was no explanation for them being able to do that.
    Scientist will say it is just the brain reacting to a lack of oxygen...but, they don't know nearly as much as they think they do. And today, if someone were to describe a similar experience...I'd tend to believe them.

    Wow, great story, I don't understand why some people don't believe in life after death, there are so many cases of what you've experienced on record.

    I just think some people are very closed minded, or they think science has the answers to everything. The more open minded you are the more you should consider the unexplainable.

    There's lots of other things too, like people having premonitions of things they know nothing about, and then the event occurs. Somethings are just not explainable...but, there's some connection.

    I almost died from an infection in my intestines, I thought it was kidney stones again and decided not to go to the hospital until the last moment. The doctor said,"If I would have stayed home one more day, I would have most likely have died." I was very, very, sick and though that I was going to die. I prayed to God if it's my time, I'm ready to go. He answered me later, I don't think it was the morphine, but when I looked out the hospital window I saw a cross in the clouds.

    I was hoping to get the heck out of this rotten world sooner, but I also prayed that,"If it wasn't my time and He still had a reason for me to be here, I would stay." So looks like I'm stuck here a little longer. Lol, I don't mind living, it's just I have a lot of pain daily and it's difficult to go through.


    it' not your time yet...God needs you here, He will let you know when it's time :-)

    I guess so, I really wanted to go that time, He didn't let me though. Thanks...

    During a long period of depression I took ovber 60 tablets and wanted to go to Heaven. I just fell asleep and slept for 3 days. It was not my time. Now I am happy again and thank God He gave me more time.

    I've had an out of body experience. It was daytime when it happened. I was lying in an emergency room in a hospital. I was quite ill with pneumonia. At the time there was a plague of it going around.
    Anyway, one minute I was there and the next, gone! I could see a silver cord from me to my body which was lying there. I seemed to be in the universe and somebody was talking to me and telling me about it. I could not see who was speaking to me. I felt like one of those angels with huge wings as I stood listening. All the while, I felt waves of intense love emanating from me to the universe and all around. I had no thoughts at all, just a knowing. I did not go through a tunnel of any kind. Next morning, I woke up with the same love emanating from me and I felt much better. Up until this time, I had only the drip in my arm, no medicine. This love coming from me, lasted for one whole year. It was the greatest and most wonderful experience in my life.

    Woke up in an overflowing bathtub I was put in by two friends to revive me from an act of stupidity. I heard a voice say "asshole, I'm giving you another chance" I opened my eyes, realized my dilemma, there was no one else in the house, both of my so called friends left thinking I was going to die. I truly believe God spoke to me that day.


    Huh, pretty amazing!!! Most people who are given a second chance do some pretty amazing things with their lives. I have seen these people telling their stories of how they became changed by such an experience.


    So has anything changed in your life since then?

    ed shank

    Got clean (drugs), became a human again. I pray every night, that I am a better person tomorrow than I was today. I'm not perfect, but I'm working on it.
    Anybody else?
    Once I was driving this small car I had was only going about 35 MPH really, there was new construction that had been going on in area red dirt was on highway it started raining and it had not rained in a long time so therefore when my tires hit that red mud my car hydroplaned. I had no control whatsoever, was not wearing a seat belt, got thrown completely out of the car via the drivers door window, landed in a ditch myself, the car itself was on side of road upright the guy behind me said he was terrified that when the car flipped several times and he saw me ejected from the car that he just knew the car was going to land on me. Had a gash in the back of my head took about 15 stitches, bruises that's all God was definitely watching me that day as where his angels.

    Well I'm glad to have you around! Good thing you weren't wearing your seat belt, in this case.

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