I have to ask this question, Why are politicians so full of crap and aren't getting anything done in Washington?

    I was born a Democrat, later in life I became more conservative, so I went Republican, now I am so pissed off at both parties I have become an Independent. I am to embarrassed to belong to either of the two main parties because all they do is argue, and never get anything done.

    Is anyone else tired of the two party system in Washington lining their pockets with cash, promoting their own special needs organizations, they can't agree on anything. Why is nothing getting done? Why are they wasting so much of our money on thing we don't want them to? ??

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    First, God has removed wisdom from this pack of parasitical wolves; resulting in dishonoring God, the nation and themselves. The majority of this den of thieves have evolved into mindless lying mucous; and along with the occupant of the Oval office, are driving our nation over the precipice and into the dust heap of previous great nations.


    Well, people of the United States sure has "forgotten" their God ,,, along with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. (NO, I am not "Bible-thumping Christian." But I do follow God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. ,,, full-blown ,,, without them ,,, I truely admitt - I would be ape-crap (aka "crazy" ) We do need to repent and ask God for forgiveness ,,, and if we just followed him, his Son, and the Holy Spirit. Lord ,,, how things would change and how we would actually respect each other the way we all should ,,, the whole earth ,,, starting with "Congress"

    whatashame whatasham

    Don't blame God, these people do it on their own, God has nothing to do with theiving pratices. Are you kidding me? What a insult to God.

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    United we stand-divided we fall.


    good answer, Ann!

    I am just sick and tired of both of the parties putting spin on everything spewing out rhetoric everywhere, trying to make each other look bad, meanwhile our country goes spinning down the toilet.

    Anybody else tired of this crap? They take the facts on the issues and twist them to make their own party look good and the other one bad. But, they both do the same thing, criticize the other guys. Is this why the Independent party is growing more than other parties.

    If you think the Democrats are for the poor and Republicans are for the rich, that's not necessarily true anymore, both of them have ton's of wealthy contributors. So tell us what you think about what's going on in Washington and what can we do to change this country for the better.

    I feel the tea party should put a candidate on the ballet, one who owes no one nothing, but the country.

    I have seen so many politicians promise the world only to deliver at best, not much. They will say anything to get elected and once there, they just do as they please, politics as usual. What a shame, you'd think if they gave a rip about this country, they would keep their promises and do their best to improve it.

    This country has been going down the toilet for the last 50 years at an increasing rate of speed. If these wanabe leaders would just put their money where their big mouths are, maybe we would see improvement instead of the opposite.


    Case in point Leeroy. The freshmen members of congress campaigned 4 an end to farm subsidies. But when they were elected and went to Washington they did an about face.

    Yes, it can be so disappointing when we believe or trust politicians, it seem like they always let us down. I still like the idea of the tea party though...

    I think we need less government in our lives, and less spending, hopefully this next election will enable some of the politicians to get some real changes for the better, done?

    politicians are unable to do anything anywhere nowadays! they have no real power! the CEO of facebook has more power than most politicians!
    they cant make any decisions or policy without including the non-elected representatives of major international organisations!
    we live on a world that could supply us with everything we need very easily, but the shareholders would not make anything out of it!
    its an unfair greedy system. if you have it you will get more, if you have very little, they will take it from you!

    they all seem to agree on pay raise and vactions, no wonder why that is/

    they all seem to agree on pay raises and vactions, how bad can they really be!
    i should have mentioned (for themselves)


    Yeah my sentiments exactly they certainly do all agree on big raises and paid vacations FOR THEMSELVES, not us.


    Foe trhemselves it seems (pay-raises & vacas.)
    (For themselves ,,, is what I meant ,,,, smile)

    I think we should all get our name on the ballot. If we all got on the ballot the game of running for public office would be more like a lottery drawing. As is we have a very few people running for really well paid jobs and ask for my vote! That's outrageous! I must get on the ballot and then try to convince all of you not to get on the ballot too and vote for me instead.

    The problems we see in Washington are best dealt with by the people...that is US...we are the people. Citizen groups become a force for change by winning friends and influencing people positively...not radically...although the result usually appears radical. PAC Political action coms influence congress quite a lot in fact. Special interest groups can help.


    I love this country and democracy, I'd hate to see it start leaning more towards socialism. Which many have been warning about lately. It's a shame how the country has been going in the wrong direction for the last few decades.

    Maybe it is time they all had an enema LOL better yet the whole bunch of them needs to leave and sort of clean house and start over?


    You must be feeling better today Darci, glad to see it. Did you try what i suggested.

    Unfortunately, the positives of our political system are also whats destroying it. We vote someone into office, regardless of party, and expect them to do the job they were elected to do. Then the moment he or she takes the oath off office the party that lost to the winning candidate proceeds to dis-agree with literally EVERYTHING that candidate does so THEY can hold that office 4 years later. If successful, the party that lost will do the exact same thing to REGAIN the position it just lost. HENCE, NOTHING GETS DONE. I could go on with many other negatives about politicians but my fingers would break typing it all. I'm fed up with the whole lot of them.


    lol, you are so right. You would have to wear finger casts or splints, wouldn't be worth it.

    They aren't full of crap in fact they're smart as heck getting their pockets loaded at our expence


    At least they were mostly lawyers, you know what they say about lawyers. Not counting the good ones in that expression.

    Leeroy I think you should run.I never meet you and I'd vote for you.You have what we need in Washington.Someone with a brain.


    Someone with a Brain (and a heart ??) THAT WOULD BE SO REFRESHING. !!!!!!!!!! P.s. something to thimk on ,,,, I have always wondered ,,, if you really give a crap about the whole situation as a politician ,,, (had a brain ,,, and a heart ,,,, love for your people and your country ,,,) why would you have "someone" write your speeches (Isn`t the politician that is "suppose to know what is what" ,,, not "someone" telling the politician ????


    Thanks papa, I joke around when I go down to the courthouse and tell all the employee's to vote for me for Congress. They get a kick out of it.

    The main problem in Washington decent people do not want to serve anymore to much monkey business and politicians lining their pockets chasing women or stuff like that and acting like kids not grownups here's a picture  showing  how silly there acting!!""

    They are too busy running for the 2012 election. Trying to look tough but instead looking like *&^% kissers.

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